Getting the DataΒΆ

In general, you will be using wnutils with data you have generated with webnucleo codes. However, we have already generated some data you can use with these tutorials. You must download those data from the web.

First, begin by creating a directory in which to work on the wnutils tutorials. You might create this off your home directory, so you could type:

$ cd ~
$ mkdir wnutils_tutorials
$ cd wnutils_tutorials

Next, download the data tarball and extract the data by typing:

$ curl -O -J -L
$ gunzip wnutils_tutorials_data.tar.gz
$ tar xvf wnutils_tutorials_data.tar

You can now check that you have the expected files by typing:

$ ls

You will see the files my_output1.h5, my_output2.h5, my_output1.xml, my_output2.xml, and wnutils_tutorials_data.tar. Since you have the data, you can remove the tar file if you would like by typing:

$ rm wnutils_tutorials_data.tar

You can always download that file again.